Master Stylist/ Color Correction Specialist/Cosmetology Instructor

Master Stylist and Educator with 15 years experience behind the chair and 6 years experience as an educator I have decided I am ready to expand and bring a new level of teaching to the industry. Our goal at the Academy of Cosmetology is to collaborate and bring in top industry stylists and certifications for the new generation of cosmetologists, Estheticians, and nail techs.

It is our duty to produce amazing artistic students and we plan to do so. With top-of-the-line color TDLR Approved Courses and extra education Along with New instructors hungry to teach what they are passionate about. I have a 100 percent passing rate with instructors and a 90 percent passing rate with students.

I hope to provide all of the knowledge not to just get licensed but to make it to that when you walk into a salon, you can hand them your portfolio and say “This is everything I can do” with confidence. I started teaching because I wanted to impact the lives of others and show them that there is more to life than just working, it can also be rewarding and fun as well.